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The first voluntary Consortium of producers approved by the Osservatorio Nazionale sui Rifiuti.
People working within the Consortium.
We have collected more than 60 thousand tons of plastic packaging.
More than 130 members guarantee the Consortium has an extended presence all over Italy.


Since 1998 we have been pursuing the concept of “Circular Economy”. We were the first to put into practice this philosophy and our aim is to continue to be pioneers. Also, we are the biggest Consortium of plastic crate and pallet producers. We design eco-sustainable packaging.


We organize, guarantee and promote the collection and recycling of plastic crates and pallets.<br /> We inform the public about correct waste management to reduce environmental impact.

Closed Loop

CO.N.I.P. implements a closed loop system in which the collection and recycling of plastic crates and pallets generate secondary raw material used in the internal production process.


Our philosophy, mentality and work ethic allowed us to become the first Consortium to reach innovative and ground-breaking results.

Let's make a difference

More funding, more commitment, more respect for the environment and more extended presence all over Italy.

CO.N.I.P. news

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  • December 11, 2017

    Italy one of top five UE recyclers

    The report “L’Italia che ricicla 2017” promoted by Fise Unire and Fondazione per lo sviluppo sostenibile, analyzed the situation of Italy with regard to waste management.

    by Roberto Camilloni
  • November 10, 2017

    Ecomondo Rimini

    Four days of sharing knowledge, technologies and strategies to guarantee a key role for businesses within Europe which aim to reduce the production waste and encourage its reuse, also thanks to important funding in support of research and innovation.

    by Roberto Camilloni
  • May 13, 2017

    Rimini, Fiera Macfrut

    The 2017 Edition of Macfrut took place in Rimini on 10th – 11th – 12th May with numerous exhibitors and buyers and about 40.000 visitors. This fair has quickly become an international event and a reference for the entire fruit and vegetables sector.

    by Roberto Camilloni