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Who can join

Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi in Plastica


All companies belonging to the following categories, based on their main activity according to their revenue, can become members of the Consortium:
a) Transformers of polymeric materials such as producers of secondary and tertiary packaging and relative unfinished products, importers of empty secondary and tertiary packaging and relative unfinished products.
b) Users who: produce non-primary plastic packaging, use the plastic packaging and who import full non-primary plastic packaging.
c) Companies who recycle non-primary plastic packaging waste.
d) Collectors of non-primary plastic packaging.
It is not possible to apply for membership claiming to belong to more than one category.
Aspiring applicants to the Consortium, must respect the criteria and guidelines set down by the Consortium’s regulation regarding the composition of the plastic packaging materials to be included in the recycling process.
In line with the objectives set down in Article 3 of the Consortium’s Statute, public sector bodies and professional associations may participate in the Consortium if they have the necessary characteristic (S) required by low.

How to join

Applicans must submit a written application to the board directors, declaring that they have the necessary requirements, they are aware of the Consortium’s Statute, its regulation and all other binding guidelines of the Consortium.

Recess form

The recess form must be sent to the Consortium by registered post and shall take effect after thirty days of receipt, and the withdrawing party must pay all contributions owed until the end of the current year with exception of conditions outlined in Article 10 of the Consortium’s Regulation.

Data modification form

To modify initial membership category, the Consortium must send a registered letter to the a member company communicating a modification in its core business and the company must therefore be subject to the obligation of the new category.