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What is the packaging

Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi in Plastica


According to Article 218 of D.Lgs. 152 of 3rd March 2016 we difine the following:
a) packaging:
a product, made of any kind of material designed to contain certain goods, from raw material to finish products, to protect them, to enable their manipulation and delivery from producer to consumer or user, to ensure their presentation, as well as the one way items used for the same purpose;
b) packaging included in sale of its contents or primary packaging:
packaging used in points of sale as a sales unit for the final user or consumer;
c) multiple packaging or secondary packaging:
packaging used in points of sale to contain a number of sales units, whether it is sold to the final user or consumer or not, or which is used for shelf stacking in points of sale. It may be removed from its contents without altering its characteristics;
d) transport packaging or tertiary packaging:
packaging designed to facilitate the manipulation and transport of goods, from raw materials to finished product of a certain number of units of sale or multiple packaging to avoid their manipulation and transport-related damage, with exception of containers for road, rail, shipping and air transports;
e) reusable packaging:
packaging or packaging components designed to with stand repeated use and rotations within re-use cycle during its life-cycle;
f) packaging waste:
all packaging or packaging material falling under the definition of waste set down in Article 183, comma 18, letter a), with exception of production waste.