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Use & Recycle

Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi in Plastica


In order to ensure environmental protection and respect the principles of responsability and co-operation ao all the actors involved in the production, distribution, use and consumption of goods which crate waste, CO.N.I.P. promots the “Use & Recycle” project on a National level.

The “Use & Recycle” system crates, unlike other system, do not need to be washed because they are new on delivery and there are no logistic costs because CO.N.I.P. thinks of everything.

In the fruit and vegetable plastic packaging sector, CO.N.I.P. has developed a modern and efficient traceability project, in line with the European Community’s international regulations.

Using an integrated approach between food-safety and conformity controls and suitability of the packaging, the traceability project satisfies the final client’s request for higher quality.

Infact CO.N.I.P. guarantees the final client more safety for our food contact plastic packaging.

The “Use & Recycle” system guarantees:

Certification of the production procedure with a documented and verifiable system

Increased safety and quality levels guaranteed for the consumer

Standard and document sharing within the system


Guarantees the plastic materials used

The project commits the Consortium to capitalize on end-of-life packaging proving the principles that waste is not rubbish but a resource.

In particular, with its “Use & Recycle” project, CO.N.I.P. applies a system that strives to reduce environmental impact using a management capable of guaranteeing a substantial reduction of packaging upstream and therefore a smaller flow of packaging that end up in landfills.