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Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi in Plastica


The National Plastic Packaging Consortium is a voluntary consortium which was established in 1998 in accordance with article 38, sub-paragraph 3, letter a, of the legislative decree 22/97 with approval of the Osservatorio Nazionale sui Rifiuti.

Its aim is to reduce environmental impact by recycling its own polyolefine secondary and tertiary rigid packaging waste.

To carry out our activity we apply a model that satisfies four fundamental principles: Sharing Responsibility, the Polluter Pays, Prevention, and Recycling instead of disposing.

These principles are applied to a “closed loop system” where the main actors of the crate and pallet supply chain work in synergy.


The Consortium’s mission is:
• Organizing and promoting the collection of secondary and tertiary plastic packaging from private areas;
• Recycling plastic packaging waste;
• Informing users of plastic packaging, and especially consumers, about their role and about available recycling systems, the meaning of the trademark on the plastic packaging, and about pertinent elements of packaging management plans and of plastic packaging waste.

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