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At the school of Recycling

Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi in Plastica


The project “At the school of re cycling” emerged from the co-operation between CO.N.I.P. and Amico dell’Ambiente, and it offers a free programme of environmental education whose aim is to promote a course for young people to learn about the real value of waste and its impact in terms of natural resource reduction.

If managed badly waste stop being a resource and crates pollution, causing Mother Nature’s collapse. Therefore it is important to begin from knowledge and responsibility of single citizens to underline the concept of respect towards ourselves and the surrounding world.

Although the Consortium deals with collecting and recycling plastic crates and pallets, we believe that teaching young people the value of recycling all waste has a strategic significance for the pursuit of common environmental protection objectives.

The project develops in various stages:

in-depth study of the topics with the book “A scuola di riciclo”

learning activities

writing an essay/story/interview about material recycling

creating an object made with recycled materials

sharing the initiative

The class whose work is the best will be invited to take part in the fair “Ecomondo”, where the most interesting creation will be exhibited.